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Luke's newest book! Listen in as a series of offbeat gardeners hash out their feelings on topics both mundane and absurd. Linger within earshot as they haggle over the resale value of used gardening tools, discuss backyard solutions to the apocalypse, and struggle to raise the next generation of gardeners. Perk your ears long enough and you might just discover the ultimate prize in store for whoever wins this crazy game we call gardening.

Twenty Reasons Not To Garden (And Why I Ignore Them All)


Join Luke as he ticks off twenty hilarious reasons to get out of the garden while you still can. In this collection of garden humor you can try your best to “Name … That … Plant!”, endure a slapstick visitation from the dreaded Green Reaper, or take a trip to the gardeners-only Emergency Room. Discover just how bad an idea playing with plants really is … and why one man does it anyway.

Get ready for a mad dash through the weeds with this collection of essays, what-ifs, and uproarious nonsense. Along the way, you'll dodge undead conifers, Serious Gardeners in the wild, and one doozy of a water bill. Stick around, and you might just meet an extraordinary rutabaga named Kevin.



A profoundly imaginative and strikingly original collection of short stories.

Reflective and deeply poignant, the collection will stay with reader long after they turn the last page.

BookView Review, on (L)eavesdropping

Ruggenberg liberates gardening from its formalist stature as a serious pursuit with his humorous bent (and bent humor).

IndieReader, on Plants are Terrible People

Original in its concept and hilarious in execution ... Ruggenberg’s prose is conversational, his characters quirky, and his comedic timing spot on.

The Prairies Book Review, on Plants are Terrible People

You'd have to be totally devoid of any sense of humor or dead in order not to laugh out loud.

Indie Book Reviewers, on Twenty Reasons Not To Garden

Ruggenberg has the ability to tell the most ordinary event in an original and entertaining and funny way.

Listen to Jennifer Ebeling's interview with Luke on The Still Growing Podcast

(Luke's segment begins at 38:41)

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Luke discusses his books with Joey and Holly Baird on their Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show and Podcast. (Luke's segment begins at 33 minutes.)




This is Luke (the human, not the hen; that's Rose). He has worked up and down the world of  horticulture for quite some time now. It actually makes his back hurt just thinking about it. He has been a writer for a long time, too, but that doesn't hurt his back as much. 

Luke lives in the Seattle area with his wife, two children, and a rotating cast of chickens. He's exceedingly fond of all, and in turn they seem to tolerate him most of the time.

Together, they grow food in the garden, chase squirrels, and squawk excitedly about just-laid eggs.


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